3rd Party Tech FAQ

How do I set the OBDLink MX+ and Creative BT-W3 up?

Both devices require an easy initial pairing with your phone and after the initial pairing will connect automatically with your device. Check out these 2 easy tutorial videos: OBDLink pairing video and Creative BT-W3 pairing video

Can I use other OBD tools?

The App currently works with the OBDLink MX+ only.

Can I connect the speaker through Bluetooth instead of using the Creative BT-W3 audio transmitter?

Yes, you can use Bluetooth but we encourage against it for car motion audio. Creative BT-W3 uses superior aptX LL Technology which is highly recommended for a seamless, delay-free audio driving experience. However, if you use the speaker to playback music Bluetooth is sufficient. 

Do you work with OBDLink and Creative Labs?

We don't have any commercial association with OBDLink or Creative Labs. We discovered during testing that these two brand's products work best with most devices and provide top notch quality.