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Glydsphere EV Speaker

— Make your EV roar
Glydsphere EV Speaker Glydsphere EV Speaker Glydsphere EV Speaker Glydsphere EV Speaker

Glydsphere EV Speaker


The world’s first speaker designed to elevate the sound of your EV, for a fully immersive experience while you drive. It’s made to match your sonic vision, with unique DualAmp Impax® technology engineered to add another dimension to your driving. The setup kit includes a unique rechargeable battery powered by a key fob, and USB connector cable, so you control everything from your phone with no delay.

Available today! Shipped from the USA.

Specs & Details


  • Length - 21,6 inch
  • Width - 13,8 inch
  • Hight - 6.3 inch
  • Weight - 12,35 pounds

Connectivity: Micro USB input

Power: 12,8V; 7800mAh; 99,84Wh power bank chargeable via USB-C

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DualAmp Impax® technology

The dynamic sound of the Glydsphere EV Speaker comes from its unique amplifier technology to fully immerse the road into your world. The speaker is powerfully compact, made to fit into the frunk of all current Tesla models.

Simple setup for durable power

Glydsphere is meant to preserve your car’s battery power and enhance your driving experience. It can be quickly set up in under 5 minutes, powered only by a rechargeable battery specially designed that lasts for 5-8 hours of driving.

Tuned to the real world

Connected to the Glydsphere App on your phone, the speaker detects motion without needing a direct connection to your car. Its advanced algorithms can feel every nuance of your driving, becoming one with you and your EV without complicated modifications.

Customizable effects for your journey

Glydsphere projects the sound you want to hear on the road. Via the Glydsphere App, you can easily change, modify and create new sounds that match the world you move in.

Quick Set Up

A simple kit made to get you on the road.

— Step 1
Place your Glydsphere speaker and rechargeable battery in the frunk.

The speaker fits easily and securely into the frunk, staying affixed with Velcro that makes for easy adjusting and removing when needed.

— Step 2
Connect your speaker to the rechargeable battery and turn on.

The battery connects to your Glydsphere speaker to give it energy for a day’s journey. It’s easily rechargeable via USB and controlled by a key fob.

— Step 3
Connect the USB cable from your Glydsphere EV Speaker to your phone.

The USB cable is flat to tuck into the frame of the car, becoming virtually invisible. The direct connection to your phone allows for no latency or misconnection between the Glydsphere speaker and app.

— Step 4
Open the Glydsphere App, select the sound for your journey, and drive.

The app has a library of sound sets at your fingertips, for you to choose how you want to sound on the road.

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