Our new features

Wireless connection

Latest wireless technology & advanced audio codecs from gaming hardware allow real time sound transmission between phone & speaker.

Real-Time Vehicle Data Syncing

Connect the app with your car via OBD and receive live car parameters to control the sound algorithm.

Unlock a new dimension for your EV

Move to your sound

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Your world is vibrant and loud

Your EV should be too, with the Glydsphere speaker and app. Place the speaker in your car, choose your sound, and bring it to life on the road. Fully customizable, with a library of sounds to choose from whenever you’d like. Even upload your own sound set, for a more personalized drive.

Compatible with all EVs, including Tesla, and all Apple and Android phones, with an easy and quick setup, you can transform the road into a fully immersive experience that is uniquely yours.

Receive a free & unlimited app subscription including all future updates
when buying the speaker.

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Glydsphere EV Speaker

The world’s first speaker designed to elevate the sound of your EV, for a fully immersive experience while you drive. It’s made to match your sonic vision, with unique DualAmp Impax® technology engineered for dynamic driving. State of the art audio transmission protocols deliver a completely wireless synchronized audio experience. It’s easy to set up and connect, to quickly get your EV to sound the way you want when you drive.
— The roar of the road

Glydsphere App

With the Glydsphere App subscription, access a world of sounds for your drive. Choose a sound set from the growing library to customize your EV, or create and upload your own for a fully personalized experience. You can even unlock exclusive sounds while you drive by collecting Spheres. Powered by sophisticated algorithms and a direct wireless connection to your car via OBD that detect and match your motion plus real time vehicle data, the Glydsphere EV Speaker and App deliver an unparalleled EV experience. An unlimited app subscription comes free of charge with a speaker purchase.