Create a Sound Set

Upload your custom sound set here:

Using the Glydsphere Speaker and App already customizes your EV drive—but take it a step further by creating your own sound, for total personalization.

Every Glydsphere sound set consists of four individual sound files to take you from powering up your EV to the final destination.

  1. The Start Sound is the first burst for when you start the car. It sets the tone to begin the journey.
  2. The Glyde Sound is the base that rumbles while you drive.
  3. The Accelerate Sound is for when you press your foot into the pedal. It should be bold to amplify the strength of your vehicle.
  4. The Decelerate Sound is for when you slow your vehicle down.


Creating your own sound set is simple and can be easily done by following a few simple guidelines:

  • Each individual sound in the set should be at least 2 seconds long (max. 15 seconds)
  • The Glyde, Accelerate, and Decelerate Sounds should be looping files
  • If you upload a sound set that is missing one of the files, the App will automatically replace it with a default sound.
  • All files should be formatted as .wav


Our support team is always available to help, so don’t hesitate to reach out.