Can I use the App connected to an audio device via Bluetooth?

While it is possible to use Bluetooth, we recommend not using the standard Bluetooth codec as this creates latency which deteriorates the experience.

How many sounds are there in total?

The Glydsphere App sound set library is always growing, new sound sets and features to customize the sound algorithm are constantly added.

Does the App respond to my car’s acceleration & deceleration?

Yes, absolutely! For optimal performance, we recommend connecting the app to the OBD adapter: "OBD Link MX+" via Bluetooth.

Are the sound sets I create shared with other users?

No. They are all unique to you and for you!

How many sound sets can I create and store in the App?

Unlimited! The quantity of custom sound sets is only limited by the storage capacity of your phone.

When I unlock a new sound set, how long do I have access to it?


I cannot hear any sound?

Make sure the audio output of your phone is turned on and the volume is turned up on your phone and the Glydsphere EV Speaker.