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The World's #1 Engine Sound System For Electric Vehicles.
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How Glydsphere Works



Place the speaker and the external battery in the frunk. Download the Glydsphere app. Pair the app via Bluetooth & an OBD adapter with your car to receive real-time vehicle data.



Connect the wireless speaker, choose the sound and play. Control the volume on your phone. The sound is controlled by car parameters like speed and accelerator pedal position.



Pilot away. Feel the power, vroom, boing, roar... you get the drill. Choose, drive, repeat.

The best immersive ev active audio experience in the market

The Road is your Playground

Spaceship To The Sports Bar
Masterati To Your Date
Jet-Son Orbit To The Football Game

Our sound system created with Dualamp Impax® Technology is made by ex auto-engineers for car enthusiasts who appreciate audio sensory as we do with old world values and new age taste. Designed in Germany.

Life is serious enouth. Your EV journey doesn't have to be.

Signature audios

A large library of 50+ sound-sets and growing.

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Quick Assemble

Do it yourself in 5 mins. No drilling required. All required parts & accessories included.

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Free Shipping

Free shipping on all orders in North America.

Create Your Own

Customize your EV sound and create your own.

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Fully Compatible

Speaker made for all EVs. App avialable for iPhone & Android.

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We're here to help. Phone, email or text us.

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Are you ready for acoustics that make a statement?

What #Glyders say


Verified Buyer

Amazing device that brings boombox to a whole new level! Simple install exceptional results!


Verified Buyer

I'm so glad I got Glydsphere's EV speakers, as they've made my driving experience more immersive. I love that I can choose from various sounds ranging from a UFO noise to a Lamborghini to custom sounds I created myself. I highly recommend the Glydsphere system to any EV drivers who are looking for an extra layer of connection with their EV.


Verified Buyer

This is exactly what the car needs. Love listening to the different sounds while cruising around. Works like a charm. 

The Boundary-Breaking Ev Sound System